Marc Garcia
python fellow | pandas core dev | data scientist


  • Open source hacker and mentor
  • Pythonista with +10 years of experience
  • Data Scientist and Machine learning specialist
  • Master Degree in Artificial Intelligence, Technical University of Catalonia
  • International Master Degree in Finance, EADA Business School
  • Fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan

Main projects


Towards pandas 1.0

PyData London meetup

Demystifying pandas internals

PyData London, 2018

Data visualization in Python

Data visualisation summit, London, 2017

Bayesian A/B testing

ODSC Europe, London, 2017

Finding love in the age of big data

PyConPL, Ossa, Poland, 2017

A gentle introduction to data science

EuroPython, Rimini, Italy, 2017

PyData pub quiz

PyData Barcelona, 2017

Replicating the human brain:
Deep learning in action

PyData Mallorca, 2017

Machine Learning for Digital Advertising

Outreach Digital, London, 2016

Machine Learning for Digital Advertising

PyData London, 2016

Understanding Random Forests

PyData Madrid, 2016

CART: Not only classification and regression trees

PyData Amsterdam, 2016

High Performance Python

Barcelona Python Meetup, 2015

Remote execution of Python scripts using Viri

EuroPython, Firenze, 2011

Google Summer of Code Overview Panel

DjangoCon, Portland, OR, 2009